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  • About Us


    To maintain the most highly trained and ready Soldiers in our Army, prepared to answer our nation’s call to arms on a moment’s notice and provide timely and reliable signal services to the commanders and units we support.



    On order the 72d Expeditionary Signal Battalion deploys, installs, operates, maintains and defends communication nodes in support of Army and Joint Commanders to enable Command and Control (C2) of operational forces and facilitate the dissemination of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) across the Battlespace.


    The 72d Expeditionary Signal Battalion installs, operates, maintains and protects tactical communication assets and conducts operational base Network Operations across Iraq to enable Command and Control (C2) for Army/Joint/Coalition Commanders and facilitate C4I dissemination for the Warfighter across the Battlespace. On order the 72d ESB will conduct End of Mission (EOM) as directed, place equipment into the Army reset program and redeploy to Germany.



    • Deploy the Force
    • Protect the Force
    • Provide Sustainment
    • Conduct Command & Control
    • Engineer, Install, Operate, Maintain and Defend the Battalion Network Operations & Security Center
    • Engineer, Install, Operate, Maintain & Defend the LandWarNet
    • Take Care of Soldiers & Families

    Mailing Address:
    Unit 29957
    APO AE 09226