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  • About Us


    Trained professionals seamlessly integrating Warfighter and Sustaining Base Information Management requirements into the Global Information Grid by innovatively using current and future technologies in support BN AOR, and USAREUR.


    Install, operate, and maintain communications infrastructure, information systems and services that extend the GIG to enable AJIM Forces.


    • Provide trained and ready forces.
    • Provide regional COMSEC support.
    • Provide strategic communication support to USAREUR exercises.
    • Plan, manage, and provide C4 services within our AOR.
    • C2 regional networks through NETOPS.
    • Ensure force well being.

    Battalion Commander's Priorities

    • Transition the Battalion from Network Service Centers to Regional Operations Centers, Operation Centers, Operation Maintenance Centers and standing up the Area Processing Center - Grafenwoehr.
    • Full Operational Capabilities for the Area Processing Center and Regional Operations Centers, Operations Centers, and Operation Maintenance Centers.
    • Implement the "Single DOIM" for all supported units and garrisons.
    • Oversee the new construction on all garrisons.

    Mailing Address:
    Unit 28130
    APO AE 09114