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  • About Us


    The preeminent Signal Brigade ready for war; innovative and versatile professionals, world class provider of information technology and network management services to ensure information dominance to the Warfighter.


    2nd Signal Brigade maintains a forward deployed, trained and ready, signal force providing superior, robust, secure, and responsive strategic and operational base C2 communications in support of Army, Joint and Coalition Operations throughout the US European Command (USEUCOM) area of responsibility.


    • Deploy and re-deploy communications forces
    • C2 regional Army TIG networks less (Italy) through the employment of the NETOPS concept in support of Warfighters and critical network users
    • Provide designated regional Army TIG network services to EUCOM and US elements in support of NATO IOM regional Army networks in Europe (less Italy) as part of the TIG
    • Provide information mission support to include visual information, mail, records management and publications
    • Provide theater COMSEC logistical support
    • Develop a highly trained and skilled Workforce
    • Take care of the workforce and families
    • Protect the force

    Mailing Address:
    Unit 29800 Box 90
    APO AE 09005-9800