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  • Civilian Sponsorship

    Being selected as a sponsor is a meaningful and important responsibility. Sponsorship ensures newcomers and their families have a positive first impression of the Command. Sponsors provide proactive relocation assistance and pave the way for a smooth transition into their new assignment. Please read the following information carefully. When you're ready to get started click on Sponsorship Plan of Action.

    Sponsor will:

    • Contact Army Community Services (ACS) to schedule Sponsorship Training with the Relocation Assistance Mangers. This is a one time requirement and is approximately 2 hours of training.
    • Be given a Sponsorship Plan of Action, which will be maintained for one year and subject to inspection.
    • Send out Welcome Letter from the Commander within 10 working days of receipt
    • Send out ACS welcome packets if available
    • Should plan to greet the incoming civilian and family members upon arrival
    • Should familiarize the new employee and family members to the activity and community. This orientation is in addition to any formal briefings.

    Sponsor Resources

    Sponsorship plan of action

    In-processing checklists

    5th Signal Command

    39th Signal Battalion

    Supervisor In-processing form

    In-processing checklist

    SHAPE ID Card Application

    Checklist for the sponsor's personal e-mail