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    As a forward based strategic and deployable tactical extension of the Global Information Grid, 7th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade engineers, installs, operates, maintains, and protects secure C2 communications to enable theater, joint, and combined forces across the full spectrum of military operations to include United States Army, Europe, European Command, CENTCOM, and NATO mission.


    • Deploy and Redeploy
    • EIOM C4I Systems
    • Provide Command and Control
    • Sustain and Protect the Force
    • Protect Classified and Unclassified Networks

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    The 7th Signal Brigade was formed on February 24, 1970 from elements of the 7th Army Communications Command and assigned the mission of providing tactical communications support for the United States Army, Europe and the 7th Army. In June 1975, the brigade came under the operational control of 5th Signal Command. The 5th Signal Command absorbed all USAREUR communications-electronics staff functions. On 1 October 1981, the 7th Signal Brigade was permanently assigned to 5th Signal Command. The brigade currently consists of the 44th and 72nd Signal Battalions and Headquarters and Headquarters Company. On April 6, 2005, 509th Signal Battalion moved to 2nd Signal Brigade in order to streamline the operational base of 5th Signal Command.

    In its brief history of only 27 years, the brigade has participated in well over 100 major exercises. The 7th Signal Brigade had a major role providing communications support during the Iranian crisis, Operation Proven Force, Operation Desert Shield / Storm, Operation Support Hope in Rwanda, Operation Joint Endeavor in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, and Task Force Able Sentry in Macedonia. The 7th Signal Brigade also provided communications support to contingencies including Operation Provide Comfort in Turkey, Joint Task Force Provide Promise and Operation Lofty View in Croatia, and Operation Deny Flight in Italy.

    Since 2001, the Brigade has been fully engaged in supporting the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). HHC, 7th Signal Brigade and its subordinate units for their exceptionally meritorious service in support of OIF by providing critical battle command to combatant commanders by engineering, installing, managing and controlling a large and diverse expeditionary and operational-based communications network from Baghdad to Southern Kuwait have been awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation. The 44th Signal Battalion deployed in support of SETAF for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The 72nd Signal Battalion deployed to OIF 05-07 and the 44th Signal Battalion is currently preparing to deploy to OIF 07-09 in October of this year.

    The Brigade transitioned to a Tactical Theater Signal Brigade on October 27, 2006 and the 44th Signal Battalion transitioned to a Joint Network Node equipped Expeditionary Signal Battalion on November 16, 2006. The effective date for 72nd’s transition was July 16, 2007.

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