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  • History and Mission


    Provide cable repair and communications infrastructure support for Land Warrior Network-Classified (LWN-C), LWN-U (Unclassified) and voice switching enabling the theater infrastructure to support customer data and voice communications.


    The 6981st CSG is a direct descendant of the first German Labor Service (LS) Units activated in August 1948 during the Berlin blockade.

    The history of the 6981st CSG begins on May 1, 1952 with activation of the 6981st LS Signal Construction Battalion at Neureut near Karlsruhe. The unit consisted of 712 men organized into a headquarters company and three signal construction companies.

    Since its inception the unit has undergone major changes, most of which centered on complying with the existing Tariff Agreement and German Labor Law. In 1982, all LS Companies and CLG's were designated into Civilian Support Groups/Civilian Support Centers (CSG/CSC). Despite the many changes for years the 6981st continued its original mission including installation of high frequency antennas and maintenance and operation of microwave radio equipment and power generators.

    As a result of downsizing of US Forces in Europe, the 6981st CSC was reorganized into the 6981st CSG with three Regional Signal Support Detachments on 1 July 1993. In July 1995, the 6981st was restationed to Mannheim-Sandhofen and headquartered at Coleman Barracks. The 6981st was again reorganized and their regional Signal Support Detachments were deactivated in September 1995. The unit headquarters is at Germersheim Army Depot.

    Since 1952, the parent organization of the 6981st has varied and included the 515th Signal Group until 1970, the 4th Signal Service Group from 1970 to 1972, USASTRATCOM-EUR from 1972 to 1974, the 12th Signal Group from 1974 to 1976, 5th Signal Command from 1977 - 1997, and the 2d Signal Brigade from 1997 to the present.