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  • About Us


    2nd Signal Brigade's best trained, most customer focused team; committed to Soldiers, Civilians and Families; while providing rapid, robust, and reliable mission command networks and services to Army, Joint, and Coalition mission partners.


    Plan, install, operate, maintain, and protect mission command networks and services as an extension of the GIG throughout Italy, the Balkans, Africa, and other specified locations to enable Army, Theater, Joint, and Combined Force Warfighters.


    • Conduct Sustainment Operations (Art 4.0)
    • Provide Logistics Support (Art 4.1)
    • Provide Personnel Support (Art 4.2)
    • Conduct Mission Command (Art 5.0)
    • Conduct the Operations Process (Art 5.1)
    • Integrate Information Superiority Contributors (Art 5.3)
    • Conduct Protection Operations (Art 6.0)
    • Conduct Information Protection (Art 6.3)
    • Conduct Survivability Operations (Art 6.7)

    Mailing Address:
    Unit 31401, Box 47
    APO AE 09630