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  • About Us


    We are an elite Army Expeditionary Signal Battalion that:

    • Provides outstanding customer service.
    • Manned by resilient Soldiers of character who live the Army Values.
    • Fosters respect for all who takes care of each other and our families.
    • Seeks self-improvement and builds cohesive teams.
    • Disciplined, trained and ready for any mission.
    • Mitigates risk and focuses on safety in all we do.


    The 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion engineers, installs, operates, maintains, and defends (EIOMD) quality, reliable and scalable C4 information systems, while quickly integrating new Soldiers, building technically competent teams, and increasing system readiness to support operations in support of European Theater Contingency Operations and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).


    • Operate in Theater, Joint and Combined environments
    • Rapidly project trained and ready communications forces for Joint and Combined operations
    • Ensure C2 communications capabilities at echelon to enable Joint and Combined operations
    • C2 the infostructure to provide network management, information assurance, and information dissemination management
    • Integrate emerging technologies to enable a capabilities based Force
    • Ensure Force well being

    Mailing Address:
    Unit 31001
    APO AE 09033