Wiesbaden, Germany Vicenza, Italy Brussels, Belgium Tucson, Arizona Washington, DC Baghdad, Iraq Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Leadership

    44th Signal Battalion Commander Picture


    Lieutenant Colonel

    Adam Sannutti

    44th Signal Battalion CSM Picture

    Senior Enlisted Leader

    Command Sergeant Major

    Marcus L. Jones

  • About Us


    On Order, 44th ESB Builds, Operates and Defends Mission Command Systems & Networks IOT support Unified Land Operations anytime, anywhere.


    The premiere Expeditionary Signal Battalion, capable of supporting any unit, anywhere in the world with outstanding communications. Team 44 is a well-trained and ready force that accomplishes its mission while taking care of Soldiers and their Families.


    1. 1. Conduct Mission Command
    2. 2. ​​Plan Actions Associated with Force Projection and Deployment
    3. 3. Establish a Tactical Information Network and Systems
    4. 4. Conduct Information Protection
    5. 5. Conduct Cyber Electromagnetic Activities

    Mailing Address:
    Unit 28130 BOX O-01
    APO AE 09114