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  • Operation Solemn Promise

    “A Constant Reminder of Why We Serve”

    OPERATION SOLEMN PROMISE is 5th Signal Command’s ongoing initiative to encourage and support our commitment to service and the Army Profession. Within the context of the oaths of office or enlistment, OSP is a venue for discussing, teaching, and instilling Army Values among the workforce.

    FY14 Focus: S.H.A.R.P.

    In support of Army Chief of Staff priorities, the FY14 Focus on the SHARP Program will promote awareness, increase prevention, and improve our ability to respond to sexual harassment and assault through training, dialogue, events, and assessments.

    As a sustained effort, the FY 14 program is structured around quarterly themes drawn from four “roles” or perspectives associated with the SHARP program: Leader, Victim, Bystander, Perpetrator. These quarterly themes also align with the Army’s “Stand Strong” campaign focus areas of “Trust” and “Honorable Service and Stewardship.”

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